Evan "The Strategist" Marshall


Fancying himself....

As a true Midwesterner Evan is a graduate of The Ohio State University with a degree in Fashion Merchandising from the School of Human Ecology. Human ecology is the interdisciplinary of the relationship between humans and their natural, social, and built environments. My educational background laid a foundation for me to become proficient in understanding how marketing, branding, and social engagement can impact consumers.

Evan has achieved success in the digital media advertising world as one of the visionaries behind High Fashion Living. A social platform with over 3 million followers that prides its self on being the premier platform for brands to expose themselves to a global clientele in the world of fashion.

With Colossal Creators, Evan hopes to help creative entrepreneurs achieve success by working with them to conceptualize, curate, and execute their ideas into a digital story that shares their vision.