Jared "The Dreamer" Hunter


“Success is a constant progression and never a final destination.”

Originally hailing from Detroit, Jared is a graduate from the University of Michigan with a bachelor's degree in Sport Management. Moving to Chicago from L.A, he is known as a dreamer by title, but a connector and idea conceptualizer by trade.

With interests in the realms of tech, community building, entrepreneurship and innovation, Jared dabbles in pursuing ways to connect all of these different industries to creative outlets. A tech corporate millennial working at LinkedIn by day, while a DJ, Event Curator, and Socialite by night, they say he works a 25/8.  He helps to lead Colossal Creators with fresh ideas, establishing new connections, and creating opportunities for the Anunna brand roster.

Having worked with Artists in the music, fashion, visual art, and food and beverage realms, Jared has experience in consulting small brands, and also B2B experience in connecting with Fortune 500. Jared has produced events for the University of Michigan, Pepsico, Jack Daniels, and Verizon, with crowds of over 5,000k and intimate influencer gatherings with no more than 50 C-Suite Executives from the Fortune 500 from companies such as Kaiser Permanente, Sony, Home Depot, and more.

He hopes to be able to give doors of opportunity to creative entrepreneurs to realize their true potential, while simultaneously understanding their core skillset so they are able to diversify how they share their gifts with society.