On Wednesday, July 19th Colossal Creators partnered with Kendall College to host The Plug: Professionally Lit. Centered around connecting students with Food and Beverage industry entrepreneurs the people in attendance had the chance to participate in

Speed Networking: Fostering opportunities for students to speak with entrepreneurs ranging from restaurant owners and chefs to app developers and food distribution service owners. All the while indulging in fun, engaging, and warm conversation. 

Fireside Chat: Students participated in an open question panel conversation with an artist (Chef Alison Cates), a creative (Riana Lynn Founder The Food Trace), and an entrepreneur Michael Lucas (Food restauranteur)  like minded individuals from different industries, and also inside the same spectrums.

Sip and Paint Class: Hosted by Colossal Creators Anunna Collective members J.A. Medcalf (painter) and Derrick Westbrook (Sommelier). 

Over the course of the evening, 100 people stopped by the Skyline room making solidifying that The Plug: Professionally Lit was a rousing success. 

Check out our photo recap below.