As you grow we grow and one of the ways we are looking to expand into the future is with the launch of our Artrpreneurship series. Throughout the series, we will  host smaller more intimate  workshops allowing up and coming creative businesses to tell their story and give tips/tricks of the trade of being successful entitled the “Artrepreneurship Series.”

First up was our good buddies at Brightwok Kitchen. Founded by -Jeremy Klaben and Chef Kolter Livengood the duo strive to serve incredibly high-quality ingredients in a very approachable way at very affordable prices. Over the course of the evening (pun intended) we molded our appreciations and positive energy into creating an environment for 40 people to indulge in Brightwok Kitchen. By sampling their food, getting to know the employees, and receiving tips on how to properly create your own version of their light lemon glaze sauce.

 As Jeremy and Kolter say “The Future is Bright” for Colossal Creators, The Plug, and Brightwok Kitchen.