apollo "The plug" xo


It all started when...

Armed with the ability to weaponize music and use it to defeat the evils of bad vibes and party killers, an amazing Mohawk and killer fashion sense; Apollo Xo has risen as one of Not only Chicago's but the Midwest's top open format rockstar Djs. With an extremely eclectic taste in music Apollo has had he opportunity to save countless lives at top tier clubs across the country such as Studio Paris (Chi) & Passion (Mia). Apollo has also had the opportunity to join forces and collaborate on events with other artists such as Wyclef, P. Diddy, Dan Bilzerian & More. Branching outside of his job as a party conductor Apollo's rockstar image has caught the attention of and is thought to be not only a rising style icon but a taste maker within the fashion industry, as well as the modeling industry. When not musically mind fvcking an audience and defending the planet Apollo enjoys long romantic walks to the studio where he produces his own remixes, originals and edits to play in his sets because let's face it and be real... you have to be different.